Privacy Policy

The Type of Information the Service Collects:

  1. This privacy policy lays down the manner in which we deal with any information about you or your device when you use our services. However, it does not include the information gathered elsewhere other than on our website.  The exceptions include offline mode, destinations, applications and services that are indirectly related to our service.
  2. We do not collect any information without your consent. You may be required to register on our website and create a user ID with a password linked to it. This will be important for you while using our site to make a purchase, complete a survey, use our services in part or full or for setting up your profile. Data such as your name, street information, telephone number, credit card details, age, gender and avatar which you would attach to your profile will come under registration information in this privacy policy. You may also be requested to send similar information via MMS, SMS, and email or by virtue of other technologies.
  3. Our servers are programmed to automatically detect some user information from the devices they use. These include its make and model, its specifications, settings, connection, speed, operating system, type of browser used, geographic location from which a user operates and so on. Additionally, we may also collect some other pieces of information including IP address, web history, advertisements viewed, services from which you landed on our website, timestamp/date, application(s), destination(s) and other kinds of click stream data.
  4. In case you use any networking services under our integration which belongs to a third party, we will collect the user-identifiable information for the services along with the other information related to your computer and the other device used by you to use the service. Depending on the features enabled by the third-party service, such as push content and the feature to personalize the user experience, we shall also have access to those pieces of information. We reserve the right to share, sell, assign, transfer or use the data and information which you have made available to the third-party service which operates under our jurisdiction. It shall be up to the discretion of every user to ensure that they make their user-identifiable information to the party in a way that it does not infringe their privacy.

How the Service Uses and Shares Information About You

  1. We utilize your personal identification information to provide with your requested content. These include product service and merchandise. For instance, you will receive a confirmation notice from our end at your email address if you subscribe to one of our publications. Similarly, we will use your address to notify you about the status of the contest in case you take part in an online sweepstake involving our services. Additionally, we also use your contact information such as your email address to communicate with you about the products and services and the new features about them to improve our services from time to time. It is also centered around providing our clients with the services that are tailored to their needs.
  2. Unless we issue any specification by virtue of our service, we shall continue to use your information, such as your personally identifiable information, the information of your device and the details of your registration or sell or share it with third-parties. We can share it with specific companies that we feel can provide you with the services that are tailored to your needs and are in line with the preferences stated by you at the time of registering your account with us or mentioned by you thereof. In case you do not want us to share your personally identifiable information with third parties, please contact our privacy policy coordinator.  If you do not wish to receive commercial messages from our end, you may choose to unsubscribe. Please note that even if you unsubscribe from our feature to receive commercial messages, you will still continue to receive some account-related information or any other information that relates to your user profile in the form of messages. Your location information will be used to provide with content that relates to your location.
  3. We may also allow third-parties to access our database and the information in it that relate to providing their services. The rationale behind it is to help them in providing you with the services of the highest quality in line with your needs.  Though we take all the necessary precautions from our end to protect your personal information and do not authorize third-parties to use the information of our users other than the purpose for which it is intended, we do not bear the actions and consequences based on the privacy policies by our third parties and the actions taken by them.
  4. The right to share, use, and access your personally identifiable information will remain at our discretion with regard to safety, health and matters that relate to the public interest.
  5. We may provide the right to access our database in case of legal proceedings or to law enforcement agencies if the same is ordered to us as per law or to lend a  helping hand in the event of the initiation of a criminal investigation against you. Also, we can do the same for private parties in case of legal processes, court orders and search warrants.
  6. For business purposes that are legal by law, we reserve the right to share, sell or transfer aggregated anonymous data to third parties. Also, we shall have the right to do so with the other parties based on your geographical location. Further, we can use the information to identify you from our registry and use the identifiable data about your or your online behavior and co-mingle them if the need for the same arises.

Local Device Storage and other Tracking Technologies

  1. We can make the information about your device, including your local storage device for lawful business purposes. This includes the messages that have been opened by you. The intention of using your device-related information in this connection would be to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing campaign, for the management of our services, for monitoring your geographical information and other purposes that relate to such functionalities.
  2. In case you do not want us to access the local storage of your device, there is an option to opt out of it. However, please remember that this may interfere with some of the functionalities relating our service.
  3. We may make use of some other elements such as web beacons, clear gifs, web bugs and the technologies that relate to these features alongside local device storage for business purposes that are legal, according to law. Our tracking technologies are tailor-made to meet the same requirement.
  4. You will have the choice to opt out of our tracing service at any point time. We currently do not support the do not track feature or any of its frameworks on any browser.